Münchner PhilIdomeneo – Mozart, Munich
Reinhild Buchmayer […] Idamante and Silvia Spinnato, her beloved Ilia[…], sing and actequally remarkably in those difficult circumstances.
31 August 2010

[…] the brillante Ilia of the expressive Silvia Spinnato.
Münchner TagesZeitung, 30 August 2010

Axur – Salieri, Munich
[…] Beautiful Aspasia, to whom Silvia Spinnato gives all the sweetness of love, but also the fear of the abducted that leads her to madness.
NT, 28 August 2006

[…] Aspasia with juvenile and sparkling grace, the soprano Silvia Spinnato.
AbendZeitung, 28 August 2006

Pierrot Lunaire – Schönberg, Sevilla
[…] Silvia Spinnato has served it to us with an exceptionnal command over the Sprechgesang […].
Diario de Sevilla, 12 November 2005

[…] Individual protagonist, Silvia Spinnato : her formidable command of the Sprechgesang succeeded in the same exquisite way and with the same strength all along the work.
ABC de Sevilla, 13 November 2005

Mysteries of the macabre – Ligeti, Sevilla
Cunning master of the bel canto, the light soprano Silvia Spinnato let the score fit her like a glove and deployed with assurance the unusual vocal effects required, from sustained notes to guttural noises.
Sevilla, Ismael G. Cabral, 28 March 2007

The accompaniment was impeccable, but the great surprise came from soprano Silvia Spinnato, who flabbergasted us and gave us goosebumps with her voice as a main instrument.
ABC de Sevilla, 30 March 2007

The solo voice is integrated into the work, not only as more instrument more, but rather as the main instrument. The Italian soprano Silvia Spinnato made us take good note of this, in this extravagand sonorous cascade.
Diario de Sevilla, 29 March 2007

Concert honouring the Beatles, Taormina. Greek theatre
[…] the light soprano Silvia Spinnato who thrilled the public […]
Gazzetta del Sud, 22 August 2004

Hermaphroditos – Tuscano, Salzburgo
[…] grandiose Silvia Spinnato […].
Drehpunktkultur, 3 April 2008

La canzone del Re – Tuscano, Salzburgo
Silvia Spinnato has a simply incredible voice. a une voi simplement exceptionnelle. The singing part was written for her, I think no other singer could sing it.
Taschenopernfestival 2005, interview of Fausto Tuscano

Concert for the 70th anniversary of the Societá Dante Alighieri, Salzburg
The wonderful soprano Silvia Spinnato […]
Salzburger Nachrichten, 21 November 2005

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